(Bernd Witthüser - git, voc / Walter Westrupp - git, voc)
(Jimi Hendrix - voc, git / Billy Cox - bass / Mitch Mitchell - dr)
(Hansi Fischer - flute /Christian Burchard - dr /Al Jones - git / Edgar Hofmann - violin / Ralph Fischer - bass)
(Wolfgang Buhre - sax / Werner Von Gosen - gui / Wolfram Minnemann - keys / Karl-Heinz Blumenberg - voc / Rainer Von Gosen - bass / Arno Bredehoft - dr)


(Odysseus Artner / Bernd Henninger / Matthia Knieper / Gerd Kraus)

(Rio Reiser - voc,git /Ralph Peter Steitz (R. P. S. Lanrue) - git / Kai Sichtermann - bass / Wolfgang Seidel - dr)


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On Sunday morning, about 15.000 people are getting ready for the last festival day. The area looks like a battlefield. After some heavy rainstorms last night, the meadow in front of the stage is muddy, parts of the stage had been taken apart by the rockers to be used as firewood during the night, as have been most of the wooden doors of the nearby toilets.

Once again, the inimitable Alexis Korner steps to the mike and proposes people to come onstage themselves to stage an improvised happening. Some follow his invitation, but after a while, as one could have expected, their activity slowly fades out.

Desperately, the organizers try to keep the entertainment running, and get the german folk duo Witthueser & Westrupp on stage. This saves them at least an hour.

Witthüser & Westrupp on Sunday noon

At around 11:00 am, Jimi´s black Mercedes limousine arrives on the festival ground. Jimi and his band quickly vanish into their backstage caravan, followed by a few journalists.

arrival of Jimi Hendrix

Onstage, roadies are busy preparing the backline for his show.
But there are still problems, the crowd has to wait. After a couple of hours, angry fans start throwing eggs onstage.

festival crowd Sunday noon

At 12:56 Jimi Hendrix finally appears on stage much to the excitement of the crowd, but not all of them are happy. Booing and screams of "Go home!" are mixing with the cheers. Jimi obviously is hearing this. He says: "Boo, boo....I don´t give a fuck if you boo, as long as you boo in mothers....!". Some moments later he apologizes for not getting on last night. Soon enough, the crowd forget their frustration, and Jimi plays a good show. The sun is coming out, and everyone seems to have a good time.

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Jimi Hendrix onstage
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

After his one and a half hour show, Jimi immediately leaves the island. Most of the audience start to pack up and leave as well.

Here is an autograph Jimi gave to the driver of his black Mercedes limousine as he was escorted off the festival area...

After Jimi Hendrix, the german Krautrock-Pioneers EMBRYO play. Their drummer, Christian Burchhard, remembers how the group was able to benefit from the good vibes still around after Jimi´s gig.

After Embryo, a local band from Hamburg THRICE MICE had the opportunity to play on a large scale festival for the first time. They did well. Alexis Korner reportedly joined them onstage for a jamsession.

FLOH DE COLOGNE, the german beat cabaret, follows . A hard task obviously, but the remaining audience like them.

Next is LIMBUS 4, an underground group from Munich.

The last band to appear at the Fehmarn Love & Peace Festival is a group called ROTE SCHERBEN, which is nothing else than the embryonic version of the famous german TON STEINE SCHERBEN. This is one of their first big shows, and it ends in total chaos. During their song "Macht kaputt,was euch kaputt macht" (Destroy what destroys you), the stage starts to burn. Some rockers and other yet unpaid workers have set fire to it! ROTE SCHERBEN flee from the stage, and the festival ends.

Backstage, riots seem uncontrollable. The payment of the remaining workers had been delayed for a few times throughout the day, from 15:00 to 17:00 then finally to 20:00. But at 19:45, the organizers are leaving the festival site, WITH all the money. The organizers containers are turned over and destroyed. Police has to step in, and it takes throughout the entire evening to gain control over the situation.

A few hundred people remain on the festival ground over night. In the morning, the area is cleared.

after the festival


The Fehmarn Love & Peace Festival 1970 is history.