(Inga Rumpf - voc / Carsten Bohn - dr / Karl-Heinz Schott - bass / Jean Jaques Kravetz - keys)
(Stan Aldous - bass / Frank Clark - dr / Steve Milliner - keys / Dave Skillin - voc)
(Ginger Baker- dr / Denny Laine - git /Graham Bond - voc, keys / Steve Gregory & Bud Beadle - sax /Colin Gibson - bass /
Neemoi Acquaye - perc / Catherine James, Aliki Ashman & Diane Stewart - voc)
(Neil Landon -voc / Jim Leverton - bass/ Eric Dillon - dr / Steve Hammond - git / Mick Weaver - organ)

(Ron Wood - git / Rod Stewart - voc / Ronnie Lane - bass / Ian McLagan - keys / Kenny Jones - dr)

(Peter Brötzmann - sax / Fred van Hove / Han Bennink - dr)
(Ray Dorset - voc, git /Colin Earl - keys / Paul King - bj / Mike Cole - bass)
(Bob Hite - voc / Harvey Mandel - git / Antonio de la Barreda (aka: Tony Olav) - bass / Adolfo (Fito) De La Parra - dr)
(Sly Stone - keys, voc / Freddie Stewart - git / Larry Graham - bass / Greg Errico - dr / Jerry Martini - sax /
Cynthia Robinson - tr / Rosie Stone - voc, keys)
(Hans Joachim Roedelius - key / Dieter Moebius - key / Arndt Sebastian - flute

(click on the pictures to enlarge...)

Saturday turned out to be cold and stormy as well, but at least the rain had stopped. At noon, the second day started with the german blues rock band FRUMPY from Hamburg, featuring the famous female blues singer Inga Rumpf. The band did well, and had a good time. Inga remembers how they left the festival for another show right after their performance and looked back out of the car and saw the next rainstorm with dark clouds coming down: "We felt really sorry for the other bands who had to play after us".

short snippet of FRUMPY at Fehmarn (mp3)
Inga Rumpf und Frumpy


view of stage Saturday afternoon
on the beach

After Frumpy, the british progressive rock band AADVARK played.

After a long break, and four(!) announcements later, GINGER BAKERS AIRFORCE finally came onstage. Originally scheduled for Friday evening, but delayed due to the rain, their show turned out to be one of the highlights of this second day. At the end of 1970, this often overlooked super-group had changed from their initial line-up. Steve Winwood, Rick Grech and Chris Wood had left in early 1970, Graham Bond had moved from sax to organ and vocals, and new members Steve Gregory and Bud Beadle joined on saxes, while Colin Gibson played bass. Neemoi Acquaye was on African percussion, and Catherine James, Aliki Ashman and Diane Stewart sang. This was to be one of the last Airfore concerts. Sadly, after their unsuccesful fall 1970 tour, that had also brought them here to Fehmarn, the group quickly fell apart.

Alexis Korner
Ginger Baker´s Airforce
Ginger Baker´s Airforce

Next are THE FACES with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood.

Despite the fact that Beate Uhse had already given them an advance of 200.000 DM, the organizers ask her for money again. They hope to get access to the money still untransfered from the sex shop ticket sales to at least keep the festival crew on board. Luckily enough, Beate Uhse agrees. Between sets, Alexis Korner tries to prepare the audiences for the fact that a few bands, among them TEN YEARS AFTER and PROCOL HARUM will not appear. Protest by the audience follows, and quite naturally, screams for Jimi Hendrix, still officially scheduled for 22:00, are heard.

the organizers in the command center

Quickly, free jazz sax player PETER BRÖTZMANN and his ensemble is brought onstage, but their style of music is not very attractive to most of the visitors, moreover, it has started to rain again.

Meanwhile, Jimi Hendrix arrives on the Isle of Fehmarn, by train from Hamburg. He wants to get over the the festival site immediately and play, but the weather conditions are too bad. Gerry Stickels, Jimi road manager tells the organizers that the tents in front of the stage have to be removed, before Hendrix will play. This is actually announced from the stage, and indeed, most of the tents disappear.

last train a coming
trainstation Puttgarden


While Gerry Stickells decides that the conditions (transfer from hotel and traffic jams / risk of getting electrocuted onstage) are too bad for Hendrix to go on, the organizers try everything to make it happen, even asking for helicopters again, but back at the hotel, Jimi has as well decided not to play this night.
Saturday afternoon at hotel Dania

The performance is delayed to Sunday noon. The crowd is not informed about this until later in the evening to reduce the risks of riots.

The next band is MUNGO JERRY, with bandleader Ray Dorsett. The band is at the height of their popularity, with their hit single "In The Summertime"
up in the charts. The audience response is fantastic, and this will remain one one the most memorable Fehmarn Festival concerts.

CANNED HEAT follow, another highlight from today´s shows. Despite the heavy rain (roadies have to hold the drummer´s cymbal stands, so they are not blown away), Canned Heat put on a 2 hour show.

Their guitarist has just died 3 days ago, and the band is still in a shock. Nevertheless, the crowd loves them, and they come back for several encores.

Next were SLY & THE FAMILY STONE. Their funk rock was received well by the freezing Fehmarn audience, and while the finally distributed news that Hendrix was not going to be on this night did cause complaints, the crowd seemed somehow happy and also tired.


After Sly & Family Stone Konzert the german electronic group CLUSTER came onstage and played throughout most of the remaining night.
Hans-Joachim Roedelius remembers:

" We were the last ones to play on Saturday night...and also the first ones on Sunday morning. We played troughout the night for several hours, and kind of did the "sleeping soundtrack" for the audience .The show was very nice, into the morning, the wind and the waves on the beach, it was really nice and i think the people also liked it. We tried to play real quiet so people could sleep."